Become a Missionary

Are you ready to take the next big step and serve in Haiti as a long-term missionary? If so, we’re excited about your journey and look forward to getting to know you!

Individuals with a desire to join Northwest Haiti Christian Mission as full-time missionaries are asked to go through an eight-step candidate process, which takes approximately nine to 12 months. This step-by-step candidate process is designed to show us your spiritual maturity, doctrinal soundness, Bible knowledge, competence in ministry, educational competence, motivation for missionary service, commitment to NWHCM, adaptability, family life, and physical fitness for overseas ministry.

All Applicants must have made at least one short term trip with NWCHM before applying.

Eight steps to service with NWHCM

  • STEP 1: Fill out online application
  • STEP 2: Initial phone interviews
  • STEP 3: 10-day trip into Haiti with NWHCM
  • STEP 4: Two-day trip to NWHCM headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, for formal interveiw and preparation.
  • STEP 5: Seven-month intership in Haiti
  • STEP 6: Post-internship testing, final formal interview
  • STEP 7: Board approval
  • STEP 8: Commissioning

Ready to explore missionary service with NWHCM? Take the next step and fill out our online application.

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