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  • The new church in Nan Chapel

    Photo: John Black

  • Elziera Annand, Pastor and Community Shepherd

    Photo: John Black


Nan Chapel

  • Population: 0
  • Children: 0
  • Shepherd: Elziera Annand
  • Partner(s): Emmanuel Christian Church

Nan Chapel needs your help. Our goal is to make this village self-supporting, and provide all their basic needs like food, education and spiritual growth.

We need YOU to make it happen.

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Community Fund

One time gifts provide top tangible needs for this village


$25 Gifts

Monthly gifts move the meter & unlock new ministries for this village

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Gifts to the community fund provides its top needs

Annual Revival Service


Start School

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Free School

Remaining 2/3 scholarship for up to 280 children


Books provided for students


Uniforms provided for students

Feed School

280 students will be fed

Start School

1/3 scholarship for up to 280 children for school

Community Shepherd

Housing and salary for Haitian leader of the village

Welcome to Nan Chapel

Nan Chapel is a sparsely populated mountain community near the larger town of LaComa. Elziera Annand, a graduate of NWHCM's Bible College, is the pastor and community shepherd. Due to its mountainous location, residents of Nan Chapel often struggle to find accessible clean water. Thanks to a partnership with Emmanuel Christian Church in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania, this and other needs are in the process of being met. A brand new church was recently constructed, along with a house for Pastor Annand. Establishing a school, in Annand's option, is the next greatest need.

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