owning the
lostness, the
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poverty of the
region in Haiti

  • Fishing boats you provided provide many meals.

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  • Once you visit, you'll be back.

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  • Mole St Nicholas Orphan Family!

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Mole St. Nicholas

  • Population: 24000
  • Children: 14400
  • Shepherd: Inoly SerJuste
  • Partner(s): Pleasant Valley Baptist Church

Mole St. Nicholas needs your help. Our goal is to make this village self-supporting, and provide all their basic needs like food, education and spiritual growth.

We need YOU to make it happen.

2 Ways to Help Mole St. Nicholas


Community Fund

One time gifts provide top tangible needs for this village


$25 Gifts

Monthly gifts move the meter & unlock new ministries for this village

$ 61,927

raised so far

GiveOne-Time Gift →

Gifts to the community fund provides its top needs

Fence property

This is a huge need! This will protect our gardens from theives and provide security to all of our programs.

Build Church

With 200 members, we are in desperate need to build a church to hold our ever-growing family!

Annual Revival Service

We hold 4 main revivals a year. One for our teens, one for our ladies, and two for the community.

Feed Children

Our village has thousands of children who only eat a 1/2 cup of rice every 48 hours! Help us provide food and HOPE.

Sewing School

We have dozens of ladies sewing every day in the Pastor's home. We need a place to set-up shop so women can earn money to feed their children.

Build Homes

With a significant increase in our yearly rent - we urgently need to build homes for our missionaries serving in Mole St Nicholas!

Pay Pastor

Our Pastor works tirelessly every day! Each week he walks hours to preach in our fishing villages. He is at the 4am prayer services every day and is a true shepherd for our village.

Electrical Equipment

We need a generator and electrical supplies for our school, orphanage, & church!

Raise Goats

With over an acre of land dedicated to farming we want to breed & raise goats which will allow us to begin micro-fiancing small businesses for the locals.

Build Homes

We know so many elderly folks who have outlived all their children. They sleep on porches, under trees, & are severely malnourished. We want to build orphan homes for the elderly.


Pediatric clinic to start build in September.

Give monthly sponsorship gift →
Free School

Remaining 2/3 scholarship for up to 280 children


Books provided for students


Uniforms provided for students

Feed School

280 students will be fed

Start School

1/3 scholarship for up to 280 children for school

Community Shepherd

Housing and salary for Haitian leader of the village

Welcome to Mole St. Nicholas

The name “Mole” is very fitting for this community shadowed in the darkness of generations of voodoo without any introduction of Christ into their lives. Haiti has more missionaries than most countries, yet Mole St Nicholas, and its surrounding villages; many have never heard the name of Jesus. The layers of darkness that take place behind closed doors is eerie and it draws every Believer in to share the light of Christ.

People all over Haiti travel hours to walk on Mole's white sandy beaches! Between the beautiful palm trees and wide sandy streets - there are forts, cannons, and remnants of Haiti's history dating back to Christopher Columbus sprinkled throughout the town.

The Mole makes its living by fishing, making charcoal, and growing gardens. While most villages in Haiti are flooded with tap-taps and motorcycles offering Haitians the chance to travel wherever they need to, there is no form of public transportation here. The nearest hospital is a 4-hour walk. There are no vehicles for emergencies. There is no medical care or pharmacies to offer even the simplest of things  - like first-aid, Tylenol, and antibiotics.

There are no restaurants in town. There are no outreach programs offered by any organization or local group. There are no feeding programs to reach out to those with severe malnutrition. While there are a few schools downtown - those in the mountains are too poor to attend. There is only one Christian Church in town and we meet in a crowded military tent with barely enough benches to hold our new group of Believers.

If you are looking for a grass roots missionary experience then this place is for you. If you are looking for an experience where the adults appreciate the simplest smile and the children long to hold your loving hand, than the Mole is the place for you. If you want to share the Gospel and be changed in the process, then this is the place for you. The field is ripe or rather the water is teaming with fish in the little village of Mole St Nicholas—are you ready to go fishing? 

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Build School
16% done

Projected to be finished by September.

90% done

Cafeteria is nearly completed. Still need to plaster the walls & furnish.



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