owning the
lostness, the
and the
poverty of the
region in Haiti

  • Children of Mayette

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  • The village of Mayette

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  • The sun sets over Mayette

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  • Population: 3500
  • Children: 250
  • Shepherd: Pastor Daniel
  • Partner(s): Woodford Community Christian Church, First Christian Church

Mayette needs your help. Our goal is to make this village self-supporting, and provide all their basic needs like food, education and spiritual growth.

We need YOU to make it happen.

2 Ways to Help Mayette


Community Fund

One time gifts provide top tangible needs for this village


$25 Gifts

Monthly gifts move the meter & unlock new ministries for this village

$ 4,500

raised so far

GiveOne-Time Gift →

Gifts to the community fund provides its top needs

Fence property

To protect the property and set it apart for the church community.

Give monthly sponsorship gift →
Free School

Remaining 2/3 scholarship for up to 280 children


Books provided for students


Uniforms provided for students

Feed School

280 students will be fed

Start School

1/3 scholarship for up to 280 children for school

Community Shepherd

Housing and salary for Haitian leader of the village

Welcome to Mayette

The community of Mayette occupies a sloping piece of terrain on the east edge of a valley to the south of Beauchamp. The air is so crisp there, that if you stand in just the right spot, you can see the shiny tin roofs of our Childrens' Homes located in Salines Mayette on the opposite edge of the valley. In Mayette lives a Pastor named Daniel who has faithfully led a congregation of Christians for over thirty years. His congregation is filled with simple farmers, stoic herdsman, traveling merchants, and gifted basket weavers who all come together to praise the Lord each week in a humble building erected by the community years ago. Pastor Daniel dreams about a new building capable of providing shelter for worshipers on Sundays as well as providing a place for children to attend a Christian school each weekday. His dreams are big, but so is his heart for God.

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Build Church
90% done

Just the finishing touches left!

Annual Revival Service
% done

Taking place Summer 2014 when Woodford Community Christian comes in.



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