owning the
lostness, the
and the
poverty of the
region in Haiti

  • LaPlaine's teacher prepares a lesson for the day

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  • Pastor Dolcine Yrenel

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  • This is the school house that donors built!

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  • Population: 0
  • Children: 0
  • Shepherd: Dolcine Yrenel
  • Partner(s): Norfolk Christian Church

LaPlaine needs your help. Our goal is to make this village self-supporting, and provide all their basic needs like food, education and spiritual growth.

We need YOU to make it happen.

2 Ways to Help LaPlaine


Community Fund

One time gifts provide top tangible needs for this village


$25 Gifts

Monthly gifts move the meter & unlock new ministries for this village

$ 17,887

raised so far

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Gifts to the community fund provides its top needs

Generator for Lights

Musical Instruments


Storage Depot

Purchase Farm Equipment

Raise Chickens

Pipe in Water for Community

Market Expansion

Grain and Corn Mill

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Free School

Remaining 2/3 scholarship for up to 280 children


Books provided for students


Uniforms provided for students

Feed School

280 students will be fed

Start School

1/3 scholarship for up to 280 children for school

Community Shepherd

Housing and salary for Haitian leader of the village

Welcome to LaPlaine

Due East of the bustling market-town of Beauchamp lies the community of La Plaine, Haiti. This rural village sits atop rolling plaines where sustenance farmers and sheep herders raise what they can to help their families survive. Just a little further east flows a river where ladies wash their clothes, children take their baths, and also where many people in the community get water they need for cooking and even drinking. Life is not easy in La Plaine. There are few jobs, little opportunities for affordable education, and often not enough food to go around. But in the midst of this difficult landscape sits a beacon of hope for this community beyond the struggles of this life. La Plaine Christian Church, led by Pastor Dolcine Yrenel, reaches out to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ to the people living among them. The building they worship in houses a school for 280 students, weekly sewing ministry for ladies, as well as being the launching point for evangelistic efforts each Sunday afternoon as members of the congregation spill over into the homes of their unreached neighbors to share the hope they have in Jesus. God is moving in La Plaine, and the people of his church there are faithfully following him.

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Sewing School
20% done



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