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La Baie De Moustique

  • Population: 0
  • Children: 0
  • Shepherd: Pierre Louis Scott
  • Partner(s): None currently

La Baie De Moustique needs your help. Our goal is to make this village self-supporting, and provide all their basic needs like food, education and spiritual growth.

We need YOU to make it happen.

2 Ways to Help La Baie De Moustique


Community Fund

One time gifts provide top tangible needs for this village


$25 Gifts

Monthly gifts move the meter & unlock new ministries for this village

$ 25,543

raised so far

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Gifts to the community fund provides its top needs

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Free School

Remaining 2/3 scholarship for up to 280 children


Books provided for students


Uniforms provided for students

Feed School

280 students will be fed

Start School

1/3 scholarship for up to 280 children for school

Community Shepherd

Housing and salary for Haitian leader of the village

Welcome to La Baie De Moustique

La Baie De Moustique is a little fishing and farming village nestled in between two mountain ranges at the base of a river delta. The 2,000 inhabitants enjoy fishing and farming as well as soccer and dancing. Every morning at any moment, you will see 10 boats out in the bay fishing for Snapper, Grouper, Tuna, and a variety of reef fish. While on the main land, you will see the multitudes of farmers walking to acres upon acres of gardens and farms, growing with tomatoes, okra, plantains, coconuts, and any tropical fruit you can think of eating.

One may ask, why does a paradise like this need a Neighbors Project partner? The truth is, underneath La Baie's beautiful exterior, the community is ravaged with physical and spiritual poverty. From alcoholism, and malnutrition to spiritual apathy and Voodoo worship, La Baie is a shell of what it can become with Christ. Hurricanes and flooding destroy crops, homes, and the local fishing industry annually. Having zero economic growth and no business in the community does not help stimulate the local community to achieve a better life. The La Baie lacks any form of healthcare with only two nurses and limited supplies. The closest hospital is an hour away by truck, and with barely any money to travel, let alone pay for health care when they arrive, very few travel to the hospital. Despite having three churches in the town, spiritual growth is at a stand still.

How can you help? It is easy; just decide that you want to partner with this community to advance Christ and His Kingdom with prayer and financial support. Together we can be a light to this community Physically, Economically, and Spiritually. We can be Christ to everyone in this village in every aspect of their lives and help them embrace a life changing connection with Jesus Christ.

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