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and the
poverty of the
region in Haiti

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Hannah Pierre

Hannah was originally part of a set of triplet girls.  They were very tiny and sickly at birth and the parents came to the mission seeking help when they were about a month old.  One of the girls died shortly after that but with a lot of love and medical care Hannah and her sister Haylee survived.  During the time they were being cared for at the mission the parents decided they did not want to take the girls back into their care and basically abandoned them with us so they were placed into our baby orphanage.  Today both girls are strong and healthy and show no signs of having once been very underweight and malnourished.  They are the oldest girls in the orphanage at the Mole and are like typical big sisters.  They can be bossy at times but also very loving and protective of the little ones.  They help out with chores and both seem to be natural leaders.  We look forward to seeing what God has planned for these 2 special girls.

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