owning the
lostness, the
and the
poverty of the
region in Haiti

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For $50 per month, you can help Northwest Haiti Christian Mission by sponsoring our Birthing Center!

Birthing Center

Each month, around 100 beautiful babies healthily make their way into the world through our Birthing Center. We’re one of the only facilities in the whole Northwest Zone of Haiti offering comprehensive care for mothers and their precious newborns, from pre-natal visits to providing their first outfits for the trip home. And believe it or not, all of this happens for around $30—a pretty significant savings over the stateside equivalent, to say the least! Your $30 monthly donation helps bring new life to northwest Haiti and gains you access to our Birthing Center Family Tree, where you'll receive regular updates about the impact you're making. If you’d like to support this ministry, please watch this short interview with Kelly Jernigan, our Birthing Center Advocate, and then click below to join others like you. 

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