owning the
lostness, the
and the
poverty of the
region in Haiti

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Announcing NWHCM 2017 Travel Dates! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

 2017 Trip Schedule!

Please mark your calendars, pack your bags, and prepare your hearts!

Be ready to leave a lasting impression by being His hands, feet, and face as you help us own the lostness of the northwest zone of Haiti!


  • January 1st - 10th 2017   New Years Trip!
  • January 27th - Feb 4th 2017   Surgery Team
  • February 3rd - 10th 2017     Dr. Richardson's Surgery Team
  • February 13th - 24th 2107   Florida Group!
  • February 16th - 24th 2017   Eye Team!
  • March 11th - 18th   Spring Break Trip St. Louis Campus
  • March 18th - 25th   ST LOUIS CAMPUS Spring Break
  • March 24th - April 2   Spring Break Trip
  • April 7th - 15th   Spring Break Trip
  • April 18th - 24th   Spring Haiti Trip
  • June 5th - 15th   June Summer Group
  • June 10th - 24th   Starfish Surgical Team
  • June 19th - 29th   June Summer Group!
  • June 24th - July 3rd  Summer Group
  • July 3rd - 12th   St. Louis Trip
  • July 18th - 28th   July Summer Trip to St. Louis Campus!
  • October 6th - 14th   Eye Team        



  • March 10th - 19th   Spring Break Trip to Mole.

  • March 16th - 24th   Spring Break Trip-Mole

  • May 1 - 8th   Trip to the Mole

  • May 31 - June 10th   Trip to the MOLE

  • June 13th - 21st    MOLE Summer Group

  • June 24th - July 2   Mole Summer Group

  • July 12 - 21   Mole St Nicolas Summer Trip

  • July 20th - 28th   Molde St Nicolas Summer Trip

**Mole Trips are added by request. Please contact if you are interested in bringing a team to our Mole St Nicholas Campus.