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poverty of the
region in Haiti

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Our Programs //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Through our growing network of primary schools, we are feeding minds, bodies and souls for the poorest children in Northwest Haiti. 

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Child Nutrition

Nearly 20 percent of children in Haiti suffer from starvation or malnourishment.   Support this program →



Church Development

At Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, all our work flows into communities through their local churches – many of which we planted. 


Children’s Homes

Hundreds of thousands of children in Haiti have been orphaned by AIDS or other illness, or are abandoned by parents unable to care for them. For decades, NWHCM has offered refuge to as many as we’re able. 


Special-Needs Care

Children born in Haiti with severe disabilities are often outcasts at best, lucky to survive at worst. But more than a dozen special-needs orphans have found a new life at NWHCM. Support this program →



Elder Care

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission’s residential program for destitute seniors is one of a kind, and our “gran moun” are pretty happy about it. Support this program →



Disaster Relief

When natural, political or environmental disaster strikes in Haiti, the consequences are devastating and often long-lasting. Learn how NWHCM responds when the worst happens.  Support this program →



Medical Ministry

Treating the sick was a cornerstone of Christ’s ministry, and it’s a cornerstone of ours. And whether in our eye clinic, our surgery wing, our birthing center or our general clinic, we do a lot of it. Support this program →