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How Can I Serve? //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

If you have a passion or a gift, there is most likely a way to plug it into ministry at Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  The opportunities to serve with us are as limitless as the creativity of the servant.

That said, we know it helps to have somewhere to start.  So here are just a few ways that groups and individuals have found to get involved.


Construction and Painting

Many trips involve some type of construction project.  These often include laying block, shoveling, pouring cement, laying foundations, etc. We always need good carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, as well as anyone willing to paint.


We believe that all types of service have built-in opportunities for evangelism.  But travelers looking for more focused evangelism experiences can visit Haitian homes door-to-door to share the Gospel in loving and respectful ways.

VBS and Camp Programs

Many groups choose to put on VBS programs or various camps for youth and children.  These are often taught at our nutritional program, orphanage, any of our schools, or out in one of the communities we serve.  Please prepare everything for such activities before arriving in Haiti.

Medical and Surgical

We have a large and diverse medical ministry and can always use doctors, nurses, and anyone who is interested in medical work.  Various medical and surgical teams travel to NWHCM every year. For more information contact us today.

Community Needs Assessment / Census

As part of our Neighbors Project concept, groups visiting NWHCM periodically conduct needs assessments of the communities we serve.  These assessments are like a “survey” – they help us identify what specific needs a community has and how we can help meet them.  They also tell us a lot about the people who live in those communities and can be a great door for relationships and evangelism.  NWHCM supplies all the materials, methods and staff assistance for assessments.  Please contact us for more information if you are interested in participating in one.

We also welcome volunteers in the United States to help process and analyze needs assessment results.

Elderly Program (“Gran Moun”)

We have two programs for seniors in Haiti. In the afternoons, the elderly come to the mission campus for a meal. People sometimes help serve them food and sit and talk with them. People also enjoy doing programs at our residential home for the elderly.

Preaching and Seminars

With more than 25 partner churches across Northwest Haiti, NWHCM offers plenty of opportunities for preaching and leading praise and worship.  Groups are also welcome to hold a revival at a church or lead seminars for teachers, preachers, and anyone else attending our churches.

Bible College Instruction

We welcome the participation of qualified professors and instructors through teaching a course or seminar at NWHCM’s Bible college on its main campus in Saint-Louis du Nord.  Teachers should be thoroughly knowledgeable in the subject matter and should prepare all their materials and lessons in advance.  Relevant professional ministry experience or academic credentials are preferred.  To inquire about this opportunity, please contact us.

Community Development Seminars

Many groups have had rewarding success in leading development seminars and classes with community members.  Seminars have ranged from agriculture and gardening projects, to nutrition, to training in sewing and other handicrafts, to CPR and first aid.  Seminars may be aimed at men, women, youth, or other groups.  Be sure to prepare all your materials before you travel, and expect to bring in your own supplies.

Nutritional Programs

Each day, more than 60 sponsored children come to NWHCM’s main campus for meals. Hundreds more are fed everyday at other NWHCM locations across Northwest Haiti.  People often find great joy in playing with these children, helping to do crafts, and leading them in devotions and song.  There are also opportunities for activities and group seminars with the children’s mothers.


Whether you want to cook for a few meals of for an entire trip, visiting groups always need food. NWHCM has a qualified staff of professional cooks, but they always appreciate help — especially with cleaning!  You should coordinate any meals ahead of time with your group leader and with NWHCM staff.

Deaf School

If you know sign language, we would love to have you help us teach or hold a special program for the students in NWHCM’s deaf school.

Birthing Center

Hundreds of Haitian babies are born in our birthing center every year.  Visitors can help dress newborn babies, as well as offer a comforting hand to new mothers.


Dental teams come to NWHCM periodically.  Travelers interested in assisting with or participating in dentistry work should contact the mission to schedule a trip with an upcoming dental team.

Children’s Homes

There are more than 200 children in our orphanages – ranging from babies, to youth, to special-needs children – who would love your attention. You can run a day camp, simply visit them or play, hold a VBS, etc.

Miriam Center

The Miriam Center provides three major services for special-needs children: a residential program, physical and occupational therapy programs, and a feeding program for special-needs children in the community. Visitors can participate in this important ministry by simply being with the children or helping them with everyday tasks.  Those with physical therapy expertise should contact the mission about helping with more specialized therapy or training.