Earthquake Response


Medical and Surgical Building

View of Neighborhood

Church Wall

Church Ceiling

10/9/2018 - Saturday evening, Northwest Haiti experienced a 5.9 earthquake just 12 miles off the coast of Port de Paix. Since then, there have been more aftershocks nearly as strong as the initial quake. Although there have been several injuries, and sadly, even deaths reported in our area, no one within the mission, or among the people we serve, have reported fatalities. We definitely sustained damage to buildings on our campuses, but we are still assessing the extent of the damage and what resources are needed to ensure buildings are safe again.

Many Haitian employees within our mission family have lost their homes completely. People are hurting and frightened in our northwest zone, but we are thankful for God’s protection as this could have been much worse.

Many of you are asking for a way to help even now as we continue to assess the aftermath of this earthquake. We will need funding to make repairs on buildings, to rebuild collapsed homes, and to provide even more medical and nutritional care for those affected.